Caillou – I Can Do it Myself


Caillou is becoming more and more independent. He wants to put on his shoes himself, help clear the dinner table, and so much more. Caillou doesn’t always succeed, but he manages to overcome his frustration with his parents’ support. Thanks to his determination, Caillou’s efforts are rewarded. Good job, Caillou!

The path to independence is sometimes slow and frustrating. Supportive parents can help toddlers persevere and make progress in mastering new skills. As they grow older, little ones claim small victories that build confidence while learning the importance of working hard. A fun, simple story that little ones easily understand.

Caillou’s Essentials is a collection of books about Caillou growing up. These books, written in consultation with a child psychologist, depict the developmental milestones, both the small and the significant, of toddlers striving to become self-confident and independent.

Additional Information
TextChristine L'Heureux
Illustrations Kary
CollectionCaillou's Essentials
BindingBoard book
Format6.5" x 7.5" (17.5 cm x 19 cm)

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