Caillou Learns About Screen Time



Caillou would like to watch a cartoon on Daddy’s tablet, who suggests they play a game on it together. Once the game is over and the tablet is turned off, Daddy continues to spend quality time with Caillou, reading him a book.

Electronic devices are part of our daily lives and have many benefits, but parents must set limits and encourage moderation when it comes to screen time. By setting a good example, adults teach children that these devices can be used to learn and have fun.

Caillou’s Essentials is a series of books about Caillou growing up. It depicts the developmental milestones, both the small and the significant, of toddlers striving to become self-confident and independent. All these everyday life stories, easily understood by little ones, were written in consultation with a child psychologist to ensure accuracy in child behavior.

Additional Information
TextChristine L'heureux
Illustrations Kary
CollectionCaillou's Essentials
BindingBoard book
Format6.5" x 7.5" (17.5 cm x 19 cm)

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