Caillou – On Stage


Caillou, Clementine, and Leo are getting ready to go on stage for the first time at the daycare. They dress up and rehearse their play. The time has come to present the play to their audience. Caillou is a bit of a flier. Will everything go as planned?

Based on the animated series Caillou, the Read with Caillou collection invites children to learn to read step by step. On stage (level 3: Super Star) is intended for older readers looking for more independence. The text has more words, and the sentences are longer than in the previous levels. The vocabulary used remains accessible and easy to read. Ten featured words, in bold in the text, are grouped in a small illustrated dictionary at the end of the book.

This series was developed by Rebecca Klevberg Moeller, a specialist in language teaching.

Additional Information
Adapted byRebecca Klevberg Moeller
Illustrations Eric Sevigny
CollectionRead With Caillou
Format6" x 9" (15.2 cm x 22.86 cm)

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