Caillou – Where is My Cat?


Caillou plays dinosaur hunter with Gilbert, the cat. Caillou goes to eat, and no sign of Gilbert when he returns! He has disappeared! Mom suggests that Caillou play detective, and together they search the house for clues. Where is Gilbert?

This Read with Caillou (level 1 :Little Star) book is for pre-readers who would like to read along with an adult. This short text has simple sentences, minimal vocabulary, and grammar ideal for the reader at this level. Six targeted words throughout the pages are presented and illustrated in a picture dictionary to reinforce the connection between the word and its meaning.

Rebecca Klevberg Moeller, a language education specialist, created this book based on a script from the popular animated series Caillou.

Additional Information
Adapted byRebecca Klevberg Moeller
Illustrations Language teaching expert
CollectionRead With Caillou
Format6" x 9" (15.2 cm x 22.86 cm)

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