Caillou Goes to Day Care


Caillou is going to day care for the first time. At first, he is unsure about leaving Mommy and Daddy to enter an unfamiliar world, but with the help of his preschool teacher Florence, Caillou eases into his new environment and soon makes a friend.

Starting day care is an important transition in the life of a child. Caillou Goes to Day Care celebrates the developmental stage between infancy and childhood when toddlers seeking independence overcome challenges to embrace the world.

Caillou’s Essentials is a collection of books about Caillou growing up. It depicts the developmental milestones, both the small and the significant, of toddlers striving to become self-confident and independent. All books are written in consultation with a child psychologist to ensure accuracy.

Additional Information
Text byChristine L'Heureux
Text by Gisèle Légaré
Illustrations Pierre Brignaud
CollectionCaillou's Essentials
BindingBoard book
Format6.5" x 7.5" (17.5 cm x 19 cm)

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