Caillou – Old Shoes, New Shoes


Caillou is growing so fast! His shoes are already too small and hurt his feet. He leaves with mom to buy new ones at the store. Which model will he choose? What color? The choice is so large, so impressive. But above all, will he beat his friend Sarah in the race with his new shoes?

This little slice of every child’s life is the theme of a simple text designed especially for the beginning reader who still needs guidance. This Level 2 (Rising Star) story contains simple sentences and simple words that make it easy to read. A small illustrated dictionary of eight words brings together the new words highlighted in the text.

Rebecca Klevberg Moeller, a language education specialist, developed the Read with Caillou series books. She drew her inspiration from episodes of the popular Caillou cartoon series.

Additional Information
Adapted byRebecca Klevberg Moeller
Illustrations Language teaching expert
CollectionRead With Caillou
Format6" x 9" (15.2 cm x 22.86 cm)

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