Caillou – The Carrot Patch


Caillou plants carrot seeds with Grandpa in the backyard. He learns gardening. He discovers that he likes to grow his vegetables. He is so proud of it!

This book from the Read with Caillou collection (level 2: Rising star) is intended for young readers who need to be accompanied by an adult to read a simple text. This book has text length adapted to this reading level. The vocabulary used is familiar to children. The featured words, written in bold throughout the pages, are grouped in a small picture dictionary at the end of the volume.

Rebecca Klevberg Moeller, a language learning specialist, created all the books in this series.  She drew inspiration from the animated series featuring Caillou, our universally known little hero.

Additional Information
Adapted byAnne Paradis
Illustrations Eric Sevigny
CollectionRead With Caillou
Format6" x 9" (15.2 cm x 22.86 cm)

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