Caillou, No More Diapers


Caillou no longer wants to wear diapers – even at night. Caillou knows now when he has to use the potty. He hopes to use the big toilet very soon and no longer wear diapers at night.

A parent’s wish to have their child totally potty trained is not necessarily in line with the physiological capacities of their child. This book helps to understand that it is not parents who potty train their child but rather the child who does it on their own. Children must acquire bowel and bladder control of their own free will.

Caillou’s Essentials accompanies children through the various stages of their development. Written with the help of child psychologists, these books help toddlers better understand certain situations in their daily lives.

Additional Information
TextChristine L'Heureux
Illustrations Pierre Brignaud
CollectionCaillou's Essentials
BindingBoard book
Format6.5" x 7.5" (17.5 cm x 19 cm)

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