Caillou – Potty Time


In this delightful story, Mommy has a surprise for Caillou: his very own potty! Though initially uninterested, Caillou eventually decides to be a “big boy” and leave his diapers behind. After several attempts, a few failures, and near misses, Caillou learns to ask for the potty when he needs it and is rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and independence.

Toilet training is an important step in child development. Adults are in a hurry, toddlers have lots of time, but it is essential to respect their internal rhythm. Children must acquire bowel and bladder control of their own free will.

Written with input from child psychologists, Caillou’s Essentials series of books helps children navigate their way successfully through various key childhood developmental experiences.

Additional Information
TextJoceline Sanschagrin
Illustrations Pierre Brignaud
CollectionCaillou's Essentials
BindingBoard book
Format6.5" x 7.5" (17.5 cm x 19 cm)

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