Caillou – Toddler Essentials


The Caillou’s Essentials books, conceived in collaboration with child psychologists, help toddlers through the various stages of their development. This handy carrying case holds five bestselling books in the series:

Potty Time
Theme: Toilet training
Mommy has a surprise for Caillou: a potty for him to use. After several attempts and a few failures and near misses, Caillou learns to ask for the potty when he needs it.

The Babysitter
Theme: Separation anxiety
Caillou feels abandoned when his parents go out without him, but he realizes that he is not alone with his babysitter Lisa.

Caillou Says No
Theme: Self-assertion
Caillou sometimes says no when he really means yes.

The Big Brother
Theme: A new baby joins the family
Caillou gradually discovers the benefits of being a big brother.

My Big Bed
Theme: Transition to an adult bed
Caillou has grown too big for his crib. After a few nights, he learns to appreciate his new grown-up bed.

By encouraging youngsters to identify with Caillou and using this series as a catalyst for communication, parents can defuse situations that may otherwise cause conflict in family life.

Additional Information
Text byChouette Publishing
Illustrations Pierre Brignaud
CollectionIndividual title
BindingBox with 5 board books
Format5.9" x 7.8" x 0,86" (15 cm x 19.8 cm x 2.18)

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